Prince William Visits BEST

It was a momentous occasion at our sister charity, BEST – Be A Better You, as we were honoured to welcome Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who graciously selected BEST as his chosen charity, who provide mental health awareness and combat youth exploitation. Prince William’s decision to stand with us underscored the urgency of addressing these critical issues within our communities and marked a significant milestone in our organisation’s journey, shining a spotlight on the vital work we do. Not only did he bring his Royal presence, but also a sincere commitment to understanding and championing our cause.

Throughout his visit, he engaged with staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries, demonstrating genuine compassion and empathy as he learned about our programs and initiatives. The impact of Prince William’s visit resonated deeply within our organisation and beyond, inspiring renewed dedication to our mission and reaffirming the significance of our efforts in supporting mental health and preventing youth exploitation.

We are immensely grateful for Prince William’s support and recognition, and his visit will forever be cherished as a symbol of solidarity and encouragement in our ongoing pursuit of a brighter, healthier future for all.


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