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Care – In this sector, KCJ focusses on sourcing, assessing, and placing professionals in roles related to healthcare, including nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, social workers, and other healthcare support staff. The care sector encompasses a wide range of services, including hospitals, dentists, doctors, and more. KCJ Care and Wellbeing have a clear understanding of the specific qualifications, certifications, and skills required for various healthcare roles, working to match qualified candidates with healthcare organisations to ensure quality patient care and support services.

Care -KCG

Professional and Executive – The “professional and executive sector” in recruitment involves sourcing, assessing, and placing individuals in high-level professional and executive roles within organisations. This sector includes a broad range of industries and positions, including but not limited to managerial and directorial roles. Our professionals specialise in identifying candidates with extensive experience, advanced skill sets, and leadership capabilities. We work closely with organisations to understand their specific needs, culture, and strategic objectives, aiming to match qualified and accomplished professionals with executive positions that align with the company’s goals. The emphasis is often on strategic leadership, industry knowledge, and the ability to drive organisational success at the highest levels.

Professional and Executive - KCJ

Transport and Logistics – The transport and logistics sector is dynamic and constantly evolving, influenced by advancements in technology, changes in global trade dynamics, and shifts in consumer behaviour. It plays a critical role in facilitating trade, supporting economic growth, and meeting the evolving demands of the supply chain. Here at KCJ, we have multiple professionals that specialise in this sector!

Transport and Logistics

Automotive and Engineering – Recruitment in the automotive and engineering sector requires a deep understanding of technical requirements, industry trends, and the ability to partner organisations with skilled professionals who can drive innovation and contribute to the sector’s ongoing evolution. At KCJ Care & Wellbeing, we have professionals that specialise in precisely this.

Automotive and Engineering

Industrial and Manufacturing – The industrial and manufacturing sector is a broad and critical segment of the economy that involves the production of goods through various processes, from raw materials to finished products. This sector plays a foundational role in economic development, job creation, and the provision of essential goods. Here at KCJ, we connect with qualified and skilled individuals and provide job opportunities within companies engaged in production, construction, and related activities.

Industrial and Manufacturing

IT – KCJ Care & Wellbeing specialises in sourcing, screening, and placing talented professionals within the IT sector. We connect skilled individuals with job opportunities in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, and network engineering. Our tailored approach ensures that both candidates and clients find the perfect match, contributing to the growth and success of the IT industry.


Other – At KCJ Care & Wellbeing, while we excel in serving the industries mentioned above, our expertise extends far beyond these boundaries. We are not limited by specific sectors, but rather, we embrace the opportunity to support organizations across a wide spectrum of fields. Our diverse portfolio encompasses clients from various sectors, including but not limited to education, manufacturing, logistics, entertainment, and non-profit organizations. Whether you operate in a traditional industry or a niche market, our dedicated team is equipped to meet your recruitment needs with precision and professionalism.