Company Merge and Rebrand

In an exciting moment of transformation, our company recently completed a merger and rebranding process between our renowned recruitment agency and esteemed care company, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This strategic decision was made by founder, Don Bryden, with a desire to streamline operations and mitigate financial strain.

“With the cost of borrowing in today’s economic crisis, I felt the need to merge all businesses into one. By doing so, we have reduced our outgoings in several areas. This move secures longevity, reaffirming our commitment to our staff members well-being and providing them with a sense of security.”

Simultaneously, the rebranding initiative was a bold declaration of our vision for the future, signalling a new chapter of growth and adaptability.

“If we do the same thing tomorrow as we did today, we can expect the same result!” – Don Bryden.